Getting started with AffiliateFox

AffiliateFox provides you with short, informative video clips that offer a rapid and clear understanding of what AffiliateFox is and how it operates. These videos are designed to help you grasp the concept and inner workings of our platform with ease, ensuring you're well-prepared to make the most of your affiliate journey.

Quick setup guide by AffiliateFox

This video provides a straightforward walkthrough for configuring your product within AffiliateFox:

checkEasy Setup

checkCampaign Management

checkEasy Integrations

checkOne-click Batch Payouts

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Benefits and features

AffiliateFox is affiliate marketing software used to help SaaS (Subscriptions Business) websites track all site hits/visits, Signup, and conversion referred by affiliates.

SaaS subscription

Pay as-you-go subscription. Advanced AfifliateFox software will help grow your business in an easy way and make strength on your side.

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Admin Dashboard

AffiliateFox provides intuitive dashboard for company owners for better performance and also provide dashboard to track/manage the affiliate records .

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Affiliate Dashboard

AffiliateFox provides intuitive dashboard for affiliates also to track the visits/leads/conversions and many more things .

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