Frequently asked questions

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What is AffiliateFox?

AffiliateFox is affiliate marketing software used to help SaaS (Subscriptions Business) websites track all site hits/visits, Signup, and conversion referred by affiliates. Also used to Advertise business to grow.

How does your pricing work?

AffiliateFox charges a card on file every month in advance for a month. Failing to pay within 7 days of due date automatically stops the accounts.

How secure is AffiliateFox?

AffiliateFox has state-of-the-art security measures, fraud detection mechanisum as well as strong security providd by cloud server architecture

Does AffiliateFox offer a discount for non-profits?

Yes, Please contact us over chat or email.

How do I reset my password?

You can use reset password functionality on login page. For change in email please contact us over chat or email.

Is AffiliateFox provide trial and free plan?

Yes, AffiliateFox provide both trial and free plans, after end of your free you will be charged as per plan you've selected.

Can i access AffiliateFox dashboard without pre-charges/payment?

Yes, you can easily access the affiliatefox dashboard and start your campaigning, just you have to verify yourself with the correct email address.

Can I start a trial and free plan without a payment method?

Yes, you can start trial and free plan without any billing information.

How exactly AffiliateFox work?

Below are some points operated by AffiliateFox.
  • You can perform your integration and place our integration code on your website to use it to track your site visits, signup, conversions, and cancellation.

  • For Affiliates provides a separate portal with a referral link to grow your business.

  • When customers have used those links provided by affiliate. code from your website will trigger and send details to AffiliateFox on visit, signup, conversions, and cancellation.

  • On Admin Portal provide commission settings to apply a commission on every conversion perform by any affiliate referral link.

  • AffiliateFox provided you with two dashboards one from admin to manage affiliates related to settings link commission, program, etc., and the other for affiliates to see their trackings.

    Not enough, Don't worry we'll try our best to get satisfied to you just follow us.

    If your wanted to do a marketing for your company/product, then AffiliateFox is the best marketing software.

    1.First you need to do signup on Affiliate Fox, by entering a company website for which you wanted to do marketing.

    2.Then create a program by setting up the commission structure.

    3.Then we will provide you a integration code which you need to include into

    company website which you enter at the time of signup.

    4.After that you will be able to see an all tracking of website like how many visits,signup and how many customers are purchased your product.

Can I enter a trial period without submitting a payment method?

Yes, you can use trial without entering any payment details,You can also be able to add this information right after signing up.

I don't have a credit card to provide my billing information.

Don't worry, we are having another options for payment method i.e PayPal and you can do offline payment as well.

Can I add multiple affiliate program in trial plan?

Yes, you can add/edit multiple affiliate program in your trial period.

What do Visits, Conversions & Customers represent?

Visits - Visit will be counted whenever your site is get visited by any customer via link which is shared by affiliate .

What do Visits, Conversions & Customers represent?

  • Visits - Visit will be counted whenever your site is get visited by any customer via link which is shared by affiliate .

  • Customers(Lead) - Lead will be counted when customer is register on your site via a referral link which is shared by affiliate.

  • Conversion - Conversion will be counted whenever the customer is purchases any product on your website by hitting the link which is shared by affiliate.

Can I call someone at AffiliateFox?

AffiliateFox only offers online support, via email & support chat.

Can I Settle commission without adding payment method?

Yes, you can settle your commission in offline way as well.

How does billing work?

Your monthly billing starts automatically at the end of your free plan. You will be charged for the plan you've chosen (Essential or Pro).

Do you offer discounts on subscription?

No, currently we don't provide any offers over plan.